Steklarna SFS Paraćin together with the Slovenian Steklarna Hrastnik towards ambitious development goals

Steklarna Hrastnik, a Slovenian company for the development and production of high-quality glass packaging, through its owner GlobalGlass from Switzerland, takes over the glass factory SFS Paraćin in Serbia.


Steklarna Hrastnik is one of the leading European providers of speciality glass packaging with significant potential for growth, business expansion, and market share enhancement. The investment in the glass factory SFS Paraćin by the GlobalGlass group will result in an increase in production capacity (by up to 300 tons of glass per day) and product portfolio. The Serbian and Slovenian glass factories will be able to collaborate to maintain their long-standing focus on improving existing technologies and introducing new ones, with well-defined and long-term development goals.


“The primary focus of glass production in Serbia will continue to be centred around the standard-quality glass for the food industry and serving the needs of the Serbian market as well as delivery to Southeast European markets, where there is currently a shortage of supply. Part of our offerings will be relocated from Slovenia to the Paraćin factory, allowing us to enhance the quality, added value, and profitability of the Serbian facility. Meanwhile, most of Steklarna Hrastnik’s exports will continue to be directed towards strategic markets in Western Europe, with a focus on premium and super-premium quality glass,” stated Peter Čas, the General Director of Steklarna Hrastnik.


The glass factories in Paraćin and Hrastnik share a similar history and pursue common goals. The extensive expertise in business transformation and transition from mass-market to premium glass segments, acquired in Hrastnik, will play a crucial role in the continued growth of the GlobalGlass Group’s business in both Hrastnik and its new production facility in Serbia. The group has ambitious plans for expansion in the European glass market, for which it will invest over 100 million euros in modernization and business growth in both Slovenia and Serbia. The aim is to increase production capacity to 1150 tons of glass per day in the future.