About us

Two years after a fire at Minh’s fabric factory, a group of Belgrade merchants led by Milivoj M. Popovic expressed their desire to build a glass factory in the area of the damaged factory. The need for a glass factory in Serbia was justified as the glass was being imported at the time. The factory was built with share capital and the first 14-pot furnace for manual production was erected. It employed about 350 workers to produce hollow and pressed glass. Over the years, the glass packaging factory continuously worked on technological, informational, environmental, and organizational progress to keep up with the rising standards and trends in the glass industry.

Today, Srbska Fabrika Stakla in Paraćin, a subsidiary of the GlobalGlass Group, aims to be the leading glass manufacturer in the Balkans. The company relies on its long tradition, improves existing technologies and introduces new ones, with a strategic commitment to prioritize quality and safety in production and business. The product range includes packaging for the food industry, which requires ensuring all glass products used as packaging meet all standards of safe food packaging.

The GlobalGlass Group has ambitious growth plans for the European glass market and plans to invest over EUR 100 million in the coming years to modernize and expand its business operations.