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Long tradition and commitment

The company has a rich history and a hundred-year-old tradition in glass manufacturing. This demonstrates their experience, expertise, and dedication to the industry. Their commitment to improving existing technologies and introducing new ones showcases our proactive approach to staying at the forefront of the glass manufacturing sector.

Growth and investment plans

The Vaider Group, the parent company of the Serbian Glass Factory, has ambitious growth plans for the European glass market. With a planned investment of over EUR 100 million our parent company from Switzerland shows their dedication to evolving and remaining competitive with modernization and expansion.

Quality and safety focus

The Serbian Glass Factory prioritizes quality and product safety in both production and business operations. We understand the significance of our products being used as containers in the food industry. The company has established a food safety management system to ensure complete safety. This commitment to quality and safety reassures partners and customers that they can rely on the Serbian Glass Factory for consistent and trustworthy products.

Sustainable development practices

The Serbian Glass Factory incorporates principles of sustainable development into its current and strategic operating activities. By observing social norms related to environmental protection, we demonstrate our responsible approach to business.


The Vaider Group is a dynamic and diversified conglomerate with a strong presence in the glass industry. The group operates across various sectors, including the trade of glass products, marketing and business services related to glass, and the trade of raw materials required for glass production.

Driven by a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, the Vaider Group continuously strives to enhance its operations and expand its market presence. Its ambitious growth plans, including significant investments in modernization and expansion, reflect its dedication to remaining at the forefront of the glass industry. With a strong emphasis on quality, reliability, and customer-centric solutions, the Vaider Group has established itself as a trusted partner and a go-to resource for glass-related products and services.


The factory was officially opened in September 1908, and by then many glasses, pitchers, lamps, and glass cylinders had already been shipped from Paraćin Glassworks.

Three years after its foundation, Belgrade Cooperative became the majority shareholder of SGF. The new partner and creditor decided to expand the factory. A power plant was built on the Crnica River in 1911 for production requirements. The excess electricity was supplied to a part of Paraćin (as well as the first movie theatre), and another glass-melting furnace was constructed.

In the years around the Balkan and First World Wars, the factory operated with periods of downtime. According to the records of Belgrade Cooperative, in 1922, the factory was brought back into operational condition. Both furnaces were restarted, and work at full throttle began. The factory began to produce crystal glass, improving its quality and opening new energy capacities. Another pot furnace was constructed, and the initially erected one was demolished. On its location, a tank furnace was built for work in three shifts. Manual-machine production was introduced, and the product range was extended to include pressed tumblers, plates, candlesticks, vases, etc. The first local craftsmen took over the lead in the workplace. The number of employees increased to 600.

During the Second World War, the factory operated with reduced capacities, completely shutting down furnaces at the end of the war. In the following year, it reached the production level of 1939. The new country’s government policy for industrial development established Glassworks as the leader of development for hollow glass production, especially glass containers.


Since 1991, Glassworks has operated under the name of Srpska Fabrika Stakla (Serbian Glass Factory) – SFS – a joint-stock company with mixed ownership Export-Import Paraćin – Incorporated. During the recent period of industrial restriction, the disintegration of Yugoslavia, and sanctions, SFS has been reducing production and shutting down a number of furnaces and pots for glass production.


Today, SFS Paraćin, a subsidiary of the Vaider Group, aims to be the leading glass manufacturer in the Balkans. The company relies on its long tradition, improves existing technologies, and introduces new ones, with a strategic commitment to prioritize quality and safety in production and business. The product range includes packaging for the food industry, which requires ensuring all glass products used as packaging meet all standards of safe food packaging.

The Vaider Group has ambitious growth plans for the European glass market and plans to invest over EUR 100 million in the coming years to modernize and expand its business operations.




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