Test production of glass packaging has started in the new furnace at the Serbian Glass Factory (SFS).

Paraćin, May 9, 2024 – Following the completion of extensive investments in the new furnace, SFS Paraćin conducted its test run production of packaging glass from the new furnace on May 7, 2024. The products of the required quality will be distributed to the domestic Serbian market and the markets of Southeastern Europe, serving as significant evidence of the resurgence of the glass industry in Serbia and the local supply of packaging glass. Since acquiring SFS Paraćin a year and a half ago, the international glass group Vaider Group presented a plan for extensive strategic investments to modernize production and establish a new furnace, with an investment of 50 million euros, also supported by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The test launch in the new furnace directly reflects the fulfillment of commitments and ambitious forecasts, marking only the first phase of a long-term investment cycle, valued at over 150 million euros in total, which will reposition Serbia on the international map as a significant producer of high-quality glass and glass packaging.

“After acquiring SFS Paraćin at the end of 2022, Vaider Group committed to reviving the company. Despite doubts in the initial phases, when it was necessary to dismantle and renovate outdated furnaces, the timely commencement of test production proves that our promises were well-founded. The products we are producing today meet all required quality standards, and we are proud that they will soon be available in the Serbian market. We’ve faced challenging times, but with the startup of the new furnace, we can confidently say we’ve overcome them successfully, also with the support of local partnerships – special thanks to the Serbian government and the Development Agency of Serbia for their significant support for the investment, as well as to the teams of SFS Paraćin and Steklarna Hrastnik, who tirelessly collaborated in the renovation, construction, and startup of the new furnace,” emphasized the CEO of SFS Paraćin and Vaider Group, M.Sc. Peter Čas.

The startup of the new furnace at SFS represents a significant developmental milestone for the revival of the glass industry both in Paraćin and across Serbia. Vaider Group’s goal is to become one of the leading European groups in the field of high-quality glass packaging, providing customers with top-notch products, services, and support, hence remaining committed to the announced investments in its employees. “We aim to strengthen and develop SFS into a key manufacturer of packaging glass in Serbia and Southeastern Europe, thus preparations are already underway for the next phase – the establishment of a completely new greenfield factory, which will increase the production capacities of high-quality packaging glass on a daily basis and create new jobs in Paraćin in the coming years,” further highlighted M.Sc. Peter Čas.

In the coming months, the central focus will be on monitoring the technical and production parameters of the glass produced from the new furnace and any necessary adjustments. This feedback is crucial for the long-term successful operation of the furnace and the required quality. Full-capacity industrial production in the glass furnace is expected to be achieved by the end of this year.